Monday, October 29, 2012

Online application for issue of MHA Bilingual identity Cards.

F. No. 32015/97/2010-550 (PC)
Government of India/Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/Grih Mantralaya 
NDCC-II Building, Jai Singh Road, 
dated the 30 May,2012
Office Memorandum 

 Subject Online application for issue of MHA Bilingual identity Cards.

The undersigned is directed to say that MHA Identity Cards are being issued to all eligible employees of Central Government/State Governments/ PSUs/Autonomous bodies etc. to enable them access to government buildings under MHA security cover. A system for online application forms for issue of Bilingual Identity Cards from website of MHA has been set up. For this purpose, the applications are required to be furnished online through the MHA website http://rnhamiciniidcardidefault.aspx, wherein the employee will fill up the application form bilingually. After filling up the application form, the applicant has to take a printout, paste his photograph on it and obtain administrative approval from the Administration Section of the Ministry/Organization concerned. Each entry would generate a unique reference number which would automatically be printed on the application form.

2. On receipt of the printed application forms from the applicants, the administration section concerned, after its scrutiny will duly sponsor it and will send it manually to Pass Cell, Hall No. 3, Jalebi Chowk, North Block as per existing procedure laid down in the Central Secretariat Security Instructions, 1976. However, the electronic data will be available in the server of MHA/Pass Cell, which will be used to take printout of the Identity Card. This new system is expected to expedite the process of issuing Identity Cards.

3. A copy of instructions to fill up the user application form and sample copies of online application form, printout generated and Identity Card format are enclosed at Annexure 'A' & '13' respectively.

4. The issue of Identity Cards prepared manually will however, continue along side till 31.7.2012 and with effect from 1.8.2012 only online Identity Cards will be issued and no application in old format will be accepted from 1.8.2012 onwards. The old Identity Cards issued under the old system will, however, continue to be valid till their date of expiry.

5. All Ministries/Departments etc. may please bring the above instructions to the notice of all concerned for strict compliance.

(Harcharan Kaur) 
Under Secretary to Government of India


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