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Dated 20.6.2013

Dear Shri Antony,
I am enclosing a copy of the Ministry of Defence order on the Smart Card of Canteen Stores Depot to Retired Civilian Employees. There is persistent demand from Retired Civilian employees for availing canteen depot facilities. The demand has been pending since long, I shall be grateful if you kindly consider this demand with sympathy and favourably and agree to issue Smart Card of Canteen Stores Depot to Retired Civilian Employees so that they may also avail CSD facilities.

With regards, 
Yours sincerely, 
(Gurudas Das Gupta)



AIDRDO TOA said...

AIDTOA & CCGGOO thank all the Defence Civilian Officers, employees& Pensioners, Federations & Associations for their support in the struggle for achieving CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees.

AIDRDO TOA said...

Sub: Grant of CSD Canteen facilities to the retired Defence Civilian Employees.
Correspondence from All India DRDO Technical Officers Association (AIDTOA)
To The Secretary to Government of India
Ministry of Defence
South Block
New Delhi-110 001
(Through Proper Channel)
While the Service Personnel and Civilian Personnel are entitled for CSD Canteen benefits while in Service, after retirement the benefit is being extend to Service Personnel and the same is denied to the Civilian Employees. This is a clear discrimination. In the past whenever AIDTOA raised this demand it was always told that if such facility is extended to Civilians then there would be demand from the Para Military Forces also. At present, the Ministry of Home have already extended the Canteen facility to its Para Military Forces at par with Ex-Servicemen. Moreover, the Ministry of Defence have extended the CSD Canteen facility for Civilian Employees who are retiring from the CSD. Therefore, there is no justification in denying the benefit to the Defence Civilian Employees.
It is also a fact that more than 60% of the Defence Civilian Employees settle down in their home town which is far away from the places where the CSD/ Unit Run Canteens are functioning. Therefore, at their old age they will not be travelling long distances for purchasing items from the Canteen. Therefore, the contention of the CSD Managing Board that they cannot extend the facility due to shortage of infrastructure and manpower is not justified.
It is a known fact that the Railway Employees who are eligible for free pass for travelling all over the country in Train are extended the benefit after retirement also. When Railway Ministry has recognised the services of the Railway Employees even after retirement there is no justification in Defence Ministry denying such recognition to its retired Civilian Employees.
In view of the above, as already decided in the special meeting held under the Chairmanship of JS(E) on 12/11/2014 the CSD Managing Board may approve the recommendation of the MoD in this regard for extending the CSD Canteen facility to the retired Defence Civilian Employees.
Thanking you
DMRL,Hyderabad, January,06,2015
Yours faithfully,General Secretary
All India DRDO Technical Officers Association (AIDTOA)
H.O:# 2-280, Adarsh Nagar, Meerpet, HYDERABAD – 500 097
Ph.No: 040-24586891 Mob: 9440668281 Telefax:91-40-24340683, (Affiliated to Confederation of Central Govt. Gazetted Officers Organisations)

Uday Garkar said...

my father expired in june 2002 .he was civilian in ac record.can my mother get csd canteen facility now

Uday Garkar said...

my father expired on june 2002 he was civilian employ in ac mother is pensionner.can she get the csd canteen facility.please guide